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When Should You Take Your Child To The Pediatrician For Muscle Pain?

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It’s not unusual for kids to suffer from the occasional muscle pain. They might get a cramp after being physically active and not consuming enough liquids. They might have growing pains on occasion, too. But sometimes muscle pain in kids is more sinister than this and may require treatment from the pediatrician. As a parent, how do you know the difference? Well, you can start by keeping your eyes out for these signs that your child’s muscle pain has a more serious underlying cause. Read More»

How a Medical Marijuana Flower Can Help With Glaucoma

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Glaucoma is a condition caused by excessive pressure within the eye; this pressure can damage the eye, cause pain, or even cause blindness if it is not properly handled. This unfortunate situation is one that likely requires the help of many types of medications to control, including such alternative treatments as medical marijuana grown at home by those with this condition. Glaucoma Can Be Unbearable The pain of glaucoma can impact people at many different ages. Read More»

Immunizations You Should Have Before Traveling To Central America

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Planning a trip to Central America can be so exciting. Whether you’re about to visit Panama, Costa Rica, or another country, you have a lot of preparation to do — and that preparation needs to include some immunizations. Here are the key immunizations to discuss with your doctor before a trip to Central America. Measles Most people in the United States are vaccinated for measles when they are very young. However, the immunity you get from that vaccine may fade as you grow older. Read More»

Starting Ketamine IV Infusion Therapy For Pain Management? How To Prepare For Your First Session

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If you suffer from chronic pain and ordinary treatment hasn’t provided you with the relief you need, it’s time to talk to your doctor about ketamine IV infusion therapy. Ketamine IV infusion therapy provides long-lasting relief for a variety of chronic pain disorders. Best of all, it’s non-habit forming, which means you don’t need to worry about addiction to opioid pain medications. If you and your doctor decide that ketamine IV infusion therapy is right for you, you’ll need to prepare for the treatment. Read More»

Information To Help You Know What To Expect During The Immigration Medical Exam

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When you are applying for a green card to live in the United States as a spouse of a US citizen, there are some requirements you will need to complete as you complete the process. A big part of the application process is to complete an immigration medical examination, which is to make sure you don’t pose a health threat to any residents of the United States. Here is some information to help you be prepared and understand what to expect during your immigration medical exam. Read More»

How Testosterone Therapy Helps Men With Excessive Belly Fat

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Belly fat is a problematic issue that can cause health problems in many men’s lives. As a result, it is important to understand how to avoid this problem in any way possible. For example, some men may need testosterone replacement therapy to lose belly fat or to give themselves the energy to work out and burn that excessive fat. High Levels of Belly Fat May Occur Due to Lower Testosterone Read More»