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Information To Help You Know What To Expect During The Immigration Medical Exam

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When you are applying for a green card to live in the United States as a spouse of a US citizen, there are some requirements you will need to complete as you complete the process. A big part of the application process is to complete an immigration medical examination, which is to make sure you don't pose a health threat to any residents of the United States. Here is some information to help you be prepared and understand what to expect during your immigration medical exam.

Make an Exam Appointment

Whether you are applying for a green card in the United States or from another country, you will need to have a medical exam completed by an authorized doctor. If you are applying from within the United States, you can contact the US Citizenship and Immigration Services department for a list of civil surgeons who are authorized to complete the exam. 

From outside the United States, contact your local US consulate or embassy for a list of panel physicians within the country or working for the local embassy who would be authorized to complete the exams by the US Department of State. An authorized physician has received ongoing training for them to know what areas to focus on within the examination. 

Bring Required Documentation

Once you have scheduled your immigration exam with an authorized doctor, you will need to be prepared to bring all the required documentation. You will need to provide proof of your identification with a government-issued ID, such as a photo identification card from your originating country, work identification, or a passport. Also, bring your vaccination and immunization records to provide proof of any that you have already completed and their dates. Additionally, bring a list of any medications you are taking and for what reasons. Your doctor may ask you some questions about your medications and what treatment they are for. 

Bring your most recent chest x-ray if you have recently had one along with a copy of your medical history, which you can get a copy of from your physician. Make sure your physician gives you a letter detailing any current health treatment plan you are undergoing to treat, for example, tuberculosis or mental illness. Also, bring your health insurance card so you can arrange for the examination's payment coverage.

Expect at the Examination Process

During your immigration examination your doctor will complete several examinations. This includes a mental and physical health evaluation along with a review of your current medical history and records that you have brought with you. Your doctor will also screen you for drug and alcohol use and test you for several types of illnesses and diseases, such as tuberculosis and syphilis.