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You May Experience Hearing Loss Due to One of These Reasons

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When many people think of hearing loss, they dismiss it as something that affects the elderly and those who have subjected themselves to loud noises. While it’s true that your hearing can fade as you age and may suffer as a result of chronic exposure to high decibels, there are other reasons that hearing loss can occur. If you find yourself occasionally struggling to hear, don’t ignore the issue simply because you’re neither elderly nor have been exposed to loud noises. Read More»

Tips for Increasing Your Confidence with Psoriasis

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If you have psoriasis, you might feel self conscious due to the fact that you have red, irritated-looking skin. This can cause your self esteem to take a hit. You might not want to go out in public with your arms or legs exposed and the idea of wearing a bathing suit is positively frightening. This can be a huge problem in your life because you will not be enjoying yourself fully. Read More»