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Features To Look For When Selecting A Memory Care Facility For Your Parent That Has Alzheimer's

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If your parent’s Alzheimer’s is getting worse, your number one concern might be safety. As a person’s mind begins experiencing difficulties, the person may have trouble doing normal daily activities, and he or she might begin doing things that are abnormal or even dangerous. If you have these types of concerns, moving your parent to a memory care nursing home is probably the best decision you could make. As you begin looking for the right facility, here are several important factors to look for. Read More»

Ready. Set. Shoot: Understanding And Preventing Neck And Back Pain In Photographers

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If you are a photographer who is beginning to notice strain and discomfort in your shoulders or back, take it as a warning sign that you need to make changes before you develop permanent damage. Neck and back pain can develop from the weight of carrying your equipment around and from your shooting techniques. Post-processing your images in a computer program can further irritate strained or overworked muscles. Follow these tips for reducing the strain on your neck and back and easing the discomfort during and after a long shoot. Read More»

Concerned About Purchasing Cemetery Space In A Growing City? What Are Some Innovative Burial Options?

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If a friend or relative’s recent death has you contemplating your own final wishes, you may be wondering whether you’ll be able to afford space in your local cemetery when the time comes. With many urban areas in the U.S. far outpacing the rest of the country when it comes to population growth, cemeteries in these locations are becoming more and more crowded – and when space is at a premium, prices can rise. Read More»