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FAQs About Using THC O

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The world of cannabis and cannabis products seems to be ever-expanding. One of the newer products to be introduced to the market is THC O. You might start to see this popping up at cannabis shops and health food stores, so it is a good idea to learn a little about it and what it has to offer. Here are some common questions people have about THC O, and of course, some answers.

Does THC O make you feel high? 

Yes, the effects of THC O are similar to those of THC in that the substance does have psychoactive effects. In fact, THC O is said to be stronger than normal THC, so you will have to use less of it to feel these effects. With that being said, not everyone who uses THC O uses enough to feel very "high". At very low doses, you can experience some of its other benefits without the high feeling if that is what you desire.

What are the therapeutic effects of THC O?

THC O is known for being relaxing. It can take the edge off your anxiety, help ease depression, and also reduce feelings of stress. THC O also has anti-nausea properties and can stimulate the appetite. For this reason, it is quite common for those who are battling cancer and trying to counteract the effects of chemotherapy. It can help them feel better and eat more normally, which may help them heal and recover better.

What kinds of THC O products can you find? 

Oral THC O products are quite common. You'll see a lot of gummies and candy bars, and maybe even some THC O tinctures. If you don't want to chew or taste anything, you can look for THC O capsules, which you just swallow like any other capsule. THC O vapes are also around, and some places sell topical THC O products, although they may not be quite as potent as they have to be absorbed through the skin.

How does THC O compare to CBD?

The two share some properties. For example, both can help relieve anxiety and calm the mind. However, THC O is psychoactive, and CBD is not.

Hopefully this article has taught you the basics about THC O. If you have any lingering questions about this substance, feel free to talk to a vendor. They tend to know a lot about the cannabis products they sell.

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