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3 Ways IV Therapy Can Help Your Hangover

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Have a rough night? Or do you have a wild weekend planned and know that you're going to be hungover? Drinking with friends can be fun, but the hangovers can be brutal. Hangovers are caused by dehydration and toxins that are created when your body digests alcohol. The combination of dehydration and the storage of those toxins in your body's fat creates headaches, nausea, and exhaustion. 

Common cures for hangovers include drinking water, getting rest, and taking ibuprofen. Unfortunately, those cures can take hours or even days, and it can be a nightmare waiting for the hangover to pass. Fortunately, you have other options available. IV therapy is an increasingly popular treatment for hangovers. In many cities, you can visit an IV therapy clinic, or they can send an IV technician straight to your home or hotel room. Below are a few ways IV therapy can help a hangover.

Rapid hydration.

Dehydration is one of the biggest causes of hangovers. It lowers your blood sugar, and in severe cases, it can even cause your brain to retract a bit from your skull. That's what causes the pounding headaches that are so common with hangovers. Drinking water can help you get hydrated, but it can take a day or more for that to work.

IV therapy pumps fluids and electrolytes back into your system quickly. That can rapidly boost your hydration levels and eliminate your symptoms. In an hour or less, you can be feeling better.


Alcohol is not a natural ingredient for your body to digest. When you drink alcohol, your body creates toxins to counteract the effects of alcohol. Those toxins contribute to your hangover symptoms. They make you feel nauseous, light-headed, and exhausted. They can also cause anxiety and depressed feelings.

IV therapy contains anti-toxins that work to offset the toxins your body has created. They return your body to a normal state of balance, which helps eliminate your symptoms and gets you back to normal.


IV therapy also usually contains a mix of vitamins that can boost your mood and your condition. Vitamin B can reduce anxiety and put you in a better mood. Vitamin C helps fight toxins. Magnesium can reduce inflammation which helps with headaches and nausea. Most IV therapy services have different blends of vitamins to address different symptoms.

Want to cure your hangover quickly? Contact an IV therapy service in your area or plan ahead for the upcoming weekend by making an appointment. IV therapy can help you get back to normal quickly. Reach out to a service like IV Lounge to find out more.