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How You Can Benefit From A DMPO Plan To Help Reduce Healthcare Costs

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Discount medical plan organizations or DMPO programs are becoming more common. While they are not insurance plans, they can benefit you when you need medical care not covered by health insurance. These organizations offer members a discount on services from doctors, dentists, and other medical providers.

Choosing A DMPO Plan

When considering a DMPO program to join, it is essential to research the plan, the physicians that participate in it, and the amount of discount it offers members for services you need. If you are looking for chiropractic care, you can find a DMPO program for chiropractors that provides some options in your area, but the plan may not cover other health care.

Because most DMPO programs involve a membership fee, it is essential that you choose the one that will offer you the most savings for the expenses you have to pay. It is also important to remember that these programs are not insurance plans. DMPO programs are discount programs designed to get you a better price for services you receive and are not covered by the health insurance you currently have. 

The DMPO program and your insurance should be used together to reduce deductibles, co-pays, and care for which there is no coverage. Your regular provider may not participate in the program, but if you are seeing a specialist or other provider outside your network and are not covered, look for one on the program list and see if your primary care provider can refer you there. 

Provider Networks

Physicians in many fields are starting to participate in the DMPO programs to help reduce their patient's costs. If the discounts these programs offer are applied to additional charges over the amount of the insurance coverage, the physician will still get paid by the insurance company and can help you with the remaining balance. This often benefits the patient and the physician and helps ensure you get the medical care you need.

The DMPO physician's networks work much the same way insurance networks work. Member physicians are listed in a directory, and you can choose one from there to see for the care you need. You will need to contact the provider to ensure they are taking patients, and it is an excellent idea to let them know you are a member of the discount medical plan organization when you make your appointment. 

The provider will need your insurance and the DMPO information when you arrive at your appointment, so be sure to take both cards with you and be prepared to pay the additional costs after the discount. The discount may be limited to accounts that are paid on receipt of services, and waiting to be billed could change the terms of the discount plan. 

Contact a DMPO program provider near you to learn more.