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Compounded Pet Medications May Help Dogs Who Are Allergic To Their Diabetes Medication

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Finding high-quality pet medications for a dog is vital to keeping them healthy. For example, diabetes medicines may keep a dog with this condition healthy. But what if they're allergic to these compounds and can't find a replacement? Pet owners may turn to pet compounding medicine pharmacies to get help. These medical facilities can provide many unique care options for pet owners.

How Compounding Pharmacies May Help With Dog Medical Allergies

Compounded pet medications typically take ingredients from other medicines and combine them into one treatment option. Veterinarians provide this care option when their patients cannot tolerate one medicine but could benefit from some of its ingredients. For example, they may remove allergic elements from one diabetic medication and combine its ingredients with another.

Typically, compounding is done over an extended period and with careful tests and research leading the way. Veterinarians don't just mix dog medications together and hope for the best. Instead, they carefully examine what each ingredient does and find a replacement. For example, if a dog is allergic to an ingredient in their diabetes medicine that controls blood glucose, the vet will find another that can help.

Before adding these ingredients, the veterinarian will do a quick allergy test on a dog to make sure that it doesn't affect them. These skin tests include a small amount of medication added to the skin. The vet then tracks these reactions and makes sure that the dog isn't allergic. They also read various research papers about a medical ingredient to ensure it is appropriate for this use.

After creating a compounded medicine, the veterinarian prescribes a small amount for the dog to see how they react. If the medicine seems to help with their diabetes symptoms, they can prescribe a larger dose and adjust it, as needed, to ensure that the dog's diabetes is managed. This process may include decreasing a dog's doses if the replacement ingredient produces too high of an effect.

Taking Care of a Dog's Health

Pet owners who own a diabetic dog may want to contact a compounding pharmacy to learn more about their available options. Sometimes, they may already have a compounded medicine that serves the purpose they need. These options may include medications that already stripped that ingredient from the medicine and replaced it with a healthier option that works well for a specific breed and disease, including its specific severity and spread.

For more information on compounded pet medication, contact a professional near you.