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Reasons Why Getting Tested for Covid-19 Is Important

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The novel coronavirus which causes Covid-19 infections has spread across the globe, causing a once-in-a-lifetime global pandemic. Getting this pandemic under control so life can return to normal will take a great effort on the part of everyone. One of the things that people can do is get tested for Covid-19, if necessary. In most cases, Covid-19 testing is free, so you will not have any out-of-pocket expenses. Testing sites are also widespread, so it is not difficult to find somewhere near your home or work that offers Covid-19 testing. Some of the top reasons why getting tested for Covid-19 is so important include:

Knowing That You Need to Isolate

Covid-19 testing has improved and ramped up, so most people can receive their results in a very timely manner. If you have symptoms of Covid-19 or have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for Covid-19, getting tested promptly will let you know if you need to isolate. Isolating promptly after learning that you have Covid-19 can help prevent making others in your household ill. While isolating, it is best to stay in a separate room with the door closed, away from other members of your household.

Helping to Stop Community Spread

Some people who have Covid-19 are asymptomatic, and may not fall ill or display symptoms. However, that does not mean that they can not spread the disease to others in their community. After learning that you have been exposed to someone who has a documented case of Covid-19, getting tested for Covid-19 is the responsible thing to do, even if you feel fine. You may be an asymptomatic carrier who needs to avoid visiting local places in your community, such as the grocery store, to help prevent spreading coronavirus to those who may become seriously ill.

Giving Public Health Officials Data to Work With

Controlling a pandemic is very difficult for public health officials. The more information that they have about the disease and what is happening in a community, the better. When you opt to get tested for Covid-19, you will be helping the public health officials in your city or county collect important data. Having a clear idea about how widespread Covid-19 infections are in a community will play a big role in determining what mitigation efforts should be used to help slow the spread, keep others safe, and prevent hospitals from becoming overwhelmed. 

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