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How To Know When You're Ready For Ultherapy

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If you are not happy with your appearance as a result of fine lines and wrinkles, you should investigate all of the possible solutions to this problem. There are always new treatments being developed that can reduce the signs of aging, including ultherapy. But before you begin pursuing this treatment option, you will need to know whether you will be a great candidate for this procedure.

When You Want a Procedure That Isn't Invasive

Ultherapy is a great option for you when you are trying to avoid invasive procedures that will lift your face. For example, the more well-known face lift will require an incision to be made to complete the procedure.

When You Want to Improve the Results of a Face Lift

If you are not concerned with the invasive nature of a face lift, ultherapy can be used to improve the results of the face lift procedure. Ultherapy has the ability to extend the benefits of the face lift procedure.

When You Have Ample Laxity

The ultherapy procedure is ideal for those who have any amount of laxity. The procedure has been beneficial even to those who are in their 30s. However, younger patients will often not have enough laxity and their faces will not have settled into their aged looks. The results are the best for those who have pronounced wrinkles.

In most cases, you will only need one treatment to achieve great results. However, there are some patients who have seen further improvements after additional treatments. You will want to wait until your body has developed enough collagen to see the type of results you can expect.

When You Don't Have a Lot of Spare Time

Unlike with a face lift, the ultherapy does not take as much time to complete. Therefore, it is an ideal option for patients who do not want to wait too long for the procedure to be complete. Unlike with other procedures, there is no downtime. You can return to work the next day.

When You are Patient

You will need to have patience with ultherapy. The results of this procedure can take more time to manifest than with botox. The speed at which you are able to achieve the desired results from ultherapy is based on how much laxity you have and how your body responds to the ultrasound. If you will be pursuing more than one treatment, you are best off spacing your treatments six months apart. Throughout this period, you will see your appearance improve right before your eyes.

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