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Three Tools You Need To Be a House Call Veterinarian

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Being a vet that makes house calls could make you one of a kind in your area. Although major surgeries and other examinations are easiest to perform in-office, wellness checkups can happen in an animal's environment. You can offer wellness checkups at home for ordinary house animals, such as cats and dogs, plus farm animals like cows and horses. If you are interested in becoming a house call vet for small issues, here are three tools that you will definitely need inside of your doctor's bag. 

1. Injection needles and vials

One of the most common things that you may need to do for an animal during checkup is to give them a shot. This may be due to needing a vaccine or them feeling ill. Be sure to bring the usual vaccines with you, plus bring empty vials that will allow you to draw blood and store it to send off to the lab. Bring injection needles of all sizes so that you can treat a toy dog and a horse from your doctor's bag. 

2. Portable ultrasound machine

An ultrasound can tell a doctor quite a few things. One big feature of the ultrasound is that it allows the vet to check up on the growing baby of a pregnant animal. Along with keeping tabs on a pet's pregnancy, an ultrasound can also help take a look at the other organs of the body. If a pet is having issues with any of their bodily functions, a portable ultrasound will make it easier to take a look at the internal issues and figure out a cause to the problem. Bring a quality ultrasound machine along with you in order to diagnose important health issues on the spot. Finding portable ultrasounds for sale is easy too.

3, Grooming supplies

Though you are a vet, there are times where grooming may become a necessity. For instance, if someone adopts a horse that has been neglected, it is a good idea to have a professional cut down any overgrown hoofs in order to inspect them. If a family has adopted a stray dog that they find, you may need to shave down any overgrowth of hair in order to determine the breed of the dog and in order to give any sort of shots. Take clippers, scissors, shears, and other implements that are required for grooming the animals that you will go to visit. Having these available will help you take care of any emergency issues.