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Undergoing Breast Reconstruction

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Have you been living for years with only one breast after one was removed due to treating cancer? If you are ready to enjoy having two breasts, undergoing breast reconstruction is worth giving some consideration to. You will basically be able to get a breast constructed that looks natural and can be matched to the exact size of your other breast. Consulting with a plastic surgeon is the first step to getting the process started. Take a look at the information in this article to learn some of the important things that you should know about breast reconstruction.

1. Speaking to a Breast Reconstruction Surgeon

Speaking to a plastic surgeon about your desire for breast reconstruction to be done is the first step to take. He or she will want to fully examine your breasts, and will likely perform an x-ray on the one that was removed. The surgeon will then let you know if you are a good candidate for breast reconstruction. Your options for the procedure will be discussed as well.

2. Waiting for Your Skin to Expand in Size

A common technique that is used after a mastectomy is for the skin of the removed breast to be expanded. Basically, a tool called a tissue expanded will be placed under your skin and occasionally filled with saline until the desired expansion is achieved. Expanding the skin is important in order for an implant to fit beneath it. The amount of expansion needed will depend on the breast size that you want.

3. Using Autologous Tissue Reconstruction

When autologous tissue reconstruction is used, a breast is basically reconstructed using skin from other parts of the body. The surgeon will remove skin and blood vessels to place in the breast area. In the free flap method of the procedure, the skin is attached to new blood vessels. Fat will also be attached to the skin, and sometimes muscles depend on where the skin is taken from on your body.

4. Getting a Breast Implant Installed

After your skin has been expanded, the surgeon will install an implant that will give your breast the desired shape. The implant will also play a role in achieving the size of breast that you intend to get. The surgeon will work on creating you a nipple for the reconstructed breast after the implant has been put in place. An areola will be included with the nipple as well.

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