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3 Features To Look For In A Hearing Aid Provider If You Have Sensitive Ears

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It is no big news that hearing device technology has changed the way society looks at hearing loss in general and has helped a great many people. However, for people who have ears that get irritated easily or who have have softer canals, the idea of wearing any type of device can simply sound uncomfortable. If you are one of these unfortunate people, it is more important than ever for you to ensure you have the right hearing aid provider. Here is a look at a few features you should be looking for in a hearing aid provider if you have sensitive ears. 

Look for a provider who offers custom-made hearing devices. 

If your ears are more sensitive to having a foreign object placed inside them, it is best to look for an audiology specialist who offers custom-designed hearing aids and devices. These hearing aids are made by taking a mold of the shape of your ear canal and then creating a device encasement that is perfectly suited according to those measurements. Because traditional hearing aids have a one-size-fits-all design, they can rub or put pressure on your ear in ways that are uncomfortable. 

Look for a provider who offers free adjustments after purchase. 

It is not at all uncommon for a patient to get a hearing aid and realize after leaving the office that the new device is not comfortable or needs some minor adjustments. Because of this, most hearing aid providers do offer free adjustments when you purchase a hearing aid through them. This means you can take your hearing aid back and have it resized, shaved down, or manipulated to provide you with a better fit. Those providers who offer regular hearing aids may not always offer this valuable service, which is especially important if you have sensitive ears. 

Look for a provider who offers a choice of hearing aid materials to pick from. 

Hearing aid encasements can be made out of everything from hard plastics to soft and flexible acrylic materials. The best hearing aid provider will have access to several different material choices, which will allow you to pick out materials you feel will be most comfortable. In some cases, the audiologist will have hearing device examples in their office for you to try out in your ears during a visit to get a feel for what the different materials feel like inside of your ear. 

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