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Four Problems Associated With Untreated Hearing Loss

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If you are suffering from hearing loss, you will want to have it treated right away. Going to your audiologist right away will ensure that you prevent the hearing loss from becoming worse. Many people avoid this because they don't want to pay for hearing aids or they don't want to wear hearing aids at all. What you should know is that hearing aid technology has improved significantly. You can even utilize hidden hearing aids that you can't even tell are there. You can also apply for many programs that help you financially be able to afford the hearing aids that you need. Here are four problems that could occur if you do not treat your hearing loss:

  1. Cognitive Problems: Once you start suffering from hearing loss, your brain starts to suffer. This is because your brain changes when you are not processing sound. The brain cells begin to shrink and it can lead to dementia. However, if hearing loss is treated, you can continue to process sounds, which keeps your brain ultimately stronger. 
  2. Depression: Hearing loss causes all kinds of problems that can lead to depression, such as affected social life. If you aren't able to hear those around you, it's difficult to communicate, which can lead to depression, especially as you age. With hearing aids, you can avoid this and continue to have one on one conversations that are necessary to prevent the feeling of isolation, a common reason many elderly people start to feel depressed. 
  3. Loss of Income: If your job requires you to process sound, you can suffer in job performance if your hearing loss is not treated. This can possibly even lead to the loss of your job. While you can apply for disability, this can lead to a feeling of isolation and depression still. Your job performance can also suffer since hearing loss often leads to fatigue because of the strain to try and hear those around you, you are wearing yourself out sooner than you should mentally. 
  4. Poor Safety: Finally, you are minimizing your safety, especially when crossing the street or even living in your own home since you can't hear if an alarm goes off. You put yourself in many risky situations when you don't have your hearing loss treated. 

Many people don't realize all of the problems that are associated with untreated hearing loss, which is why it so often goes untreated and people end up with more complications that could have been avoided.