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Natural Astringents For The Treatment Of Acne

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Tired of using store-bought astringents to treat your acne? It should not surprise you that these acne treatments are meant to be harsher on your skin than they need to be. It causes a constant cycle of stripping the oils from your skin so that the skin overproduces and creates a much worse acne problem. Ask any dermatologist and he or she will tell you that these alcohol-based products are not good for your skin. Instead, try the following natural astringents. Not only do they work, but they also have some additional benefits for your skin.

Fresh-Cut Lemon 

Fresh-cut lemons and lemon juice are the perfect astringent. They help remove some of the oil from your face without stripping it to the point that your body goes into hyperdrive to make more oil. Your skin actually needs the oil it produces to keep the skin soft and hydrated, so stripping it completely makes your skin dry, and sends signals to your body to make more.

Rather than stripping all the oil off your face with rubbing alcohol-based products, cut a fresh lemon open and rub a few slices around on your face. Let it dry. It should not feel too sticky because there is not a lot of natural sugar in lemons. If you feel a little sticky, a damp washrag is sufficient to remove excess juice. Additionally, the vitamin C in lemons is really good for your skin, so you are adding a vitamin directly to your skin while using the fruit's natural astringent properties to remove excess oil.

White Vinegar

White vinegar has often been used as a cleaning solution in hospitals. It kills bacteria and absorbs odors (although acne really does not have an odor that you would need to worry about). That said, white vinegar can remove skin impurities, bacteria, and dirt from your pores, which are the other causes of acne. 

To use the white vinegar, wash your face as usual. Then soak a clean cotton ball or a couple of cotton swabs in white vinegar. Swab the areas of your face that are having the most trouble with acne. For some people, it is the T-zone right in the middle of your face, from your forehead to the chin. For others, acne may pepper your cheeks or cover their entire faces. A once-over with the vinegar is all you need daily. Let your skin air dry. Because white vinegar does not have the most pleasant smell, you may want to do this a half-hour before bed at night so that nobody but your family notices the vinegar smell when they are close to you.

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