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Think You're Too Busy For A Massage? 3 Ways They Actually Save You Time

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If you think don't have enough time in the day to stop for a massage, you may want to reconsider. Having regular massages may, in fact, save you precious time in the long run. Here's how:

1. Preventing Aches And Pains To Keep You Going

Aches and pains, particularly in your lower back, are going to slow your day down, decreasing your efficiency and making everything you do seem that much harder. Because having a massage can actually prevent pain by inhibiting the progression of inflammatory cytokines, the proteins, that when produced, lead to pain and inflammation, you're able to extend yourself physically and mentally, all day long.

For preventing the aches and pains that will slow you down, consider requesting a sports massage. It's what athletes use to avoid injury, prepare for competition and improve their overall performance.

2. Improving Posture To Increase Your Efficiency

When your muscles are all working in balance, you're less likely to slouch and that may mean increasing your efficiency. Slouching actually inhibits necessary blood flow throughout your body, leaving your muscles sore and even putting them to sleep. Having regular massages increases blood flow and stimulates muscles to higher performance and balance, which should help you do more in a day.

Since poor posture can also contribute to neck, jaw, back and other intrusive pain, including headaches, with improved posture, you're actually going to be preventing more of those common aches and pains that turn an otherwise productive and satisfying day into a fizzle.

To reduce slouching and energize muscles, see if a trigger-point massage is right for you. It targets the tight areas of muscles that lead to the knots and tension which may be causing you to compromise your body position.

3. Reducing Stress To Give You More Energy

Stress drains you in many ways, but most of all, it depletes your valuable energy. Stress also changes the production of neurochemicals in your brain, making it harder to think, or even leaving you in a scatter-brained state of mind. Enjoying regular massages will help you manage the stress, so you can be your highly-energized, super-charged self.

To specifically target stress, ask for a Swedish massage. It involves gentle circular motion, accompanied by other relaxation-inducing techniques.

You now have three important reasons to make the time for a healthy, beneficial massage and you can't really use the excuse that you're too busy. Keeping yourself healthy, strong and pain-free will ultimately lead to a more productive lifestyle.

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