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Reducing Embarrassing Bladder Leakage Accidents

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If you are a woman who has recently had mishaps occur where a bit of urine leaked into your clothing after you sneezed, you are most likely embarrassed about the situation and wish to find a way to stop it from occurring again in the future. There are several steps you can take to decrease the likelihood of a bladder leakage accident. Here are some tips you try to improve your confidence in keeping yourself dry when out and about in a public setting.

Start Doing Pelvic Floor Exercises To Tone The Area

The pelvic floor is responsible for holding the pelvic organs in place. When this floor weakens due to age or pregnancy, there is a higher chance of incontinence problems as a result. Keeping the pelvic floor toned with kegels, a simple exercise you can do in your spare time, will aid in keeping your bladder from leaking urine. The pelvic floor muscles can be strengthened by tightening them. You can feel these muscles if you try to stop your flow of urine midstream. Try this once or twice to get used to the feeling within your pelvic area. After you master this flex, you can perform it at any time you wish as it will not be noticed by others. Do several repetitions of tightening the area and releasing it a few times a day. You will notice bladder leakage will subside if you continue this exercise daily.

Reduce Strain On Your Pelvic Floor Muscles

There are a few activities that put strain on the muscles of your pelvis area. One of these is coughing constantly. Many people who smoke regularly will fall into the category of those who will suffer from urine leakage problems due to chronic coughing. Quitting smoking can reduce these incidents. Lifting heavy materials can also strain the pelvis floor muscles. Make sure to get assistance to lift up items instead of struggling to do the job yourself. If you do need to lift a heavy item, tighten your pelvic floor muscles before and throughout the lift to help protect leaking from occurring.

Keep On Top Of Liquid Consumption And Elimination Problems

If you regularly drink caffeinated beverages or alcohol, you will be more prone to bladder leaking problems. Since alcoholic or caffeinated liquids are diuretics, they will cause you to need to urinate more frequently. Coffee can irritate the bladder, making leakage problems more likely. It is best to stick with plain water and healthy fruit juices instead. In addition to the liquids you consume, make sure the foods you eat do not cause you constipation as this can increase bladder problems as well. Eat plenty of fiber and avoid straining at the toilet to keep urine leakage problems at a minimum.