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Symptoms Of ADHD In Adults

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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a condition that can affect anyone; however, many children outgrow it as they age. But there are adults that still suffer from ADHD, and it can affect their lives in many different ways. If you are an adult and have never been diagnosed with ADHD, you may want to consider getting evaluated if you believe that you might have this condition. Here are some of the top signs of ADHD in adults. If you can relate to any of these, you should consider visiting a doctor that specializes in ADHD for adults.

You Find It Hard To Finish Tasks

One common trait of people with ADHD is the inability to stay focused. People with ADHD will often start doing one thing and end up doing another thing. They may try to finish the first thing, but they get so distracted that they never end up doing that. While this trait is a trait that people without ADHD can have, people who have ADHD tend to have severe problems with this.

You Make Reckless Decisions

When children have ADHD, they may have angry outbursts and do things that are questionable, and these are also things that can happen when adults suffer from ADHD. Unfortunately, when adults have ADHD, the reckless decisions tend to be more destructive to their lives. Adults with this condition may have difficulties with relationships, especially marriage. They may have trouble holding jobs because they show up late or don't show up at all. In addition, ADHD can cause some adults to do things that may appear abnormal, such as getting in trouble with the law or acting in ways that are overly compulsive.

You Forget To Do A Lot Of Things

ADHD makes it hard to focus on things in life, and this can prevent a person from staying organized and remembering things. If you are starting to forget to do normal things you should be doing, it is a sign of ADHD. For example, if you have forgotten to pick your kids up from school several times in the last week, it could be a sign of some type of issue. You might also forget to do normal things like take the garbage out or shut the coffee pot off when you leave for work.

You Are Suffering From Emotional Issues

Emotional issues are also common with adults who struggle with ADHD. These often occur simply from the mind not being able to think clearly. As the person struggles with focusing, completing normal daily tasks, and trying to manage a family and a job, it can be extremely overwhelming for the person. This will often cause the person to feel stressed or anxious in life, and it is not something that the person will usually recognize as a problem.

If you can relate to the symptoms described here and if your family is telling you that you need help, it might be worthwhile to visit a doctor to find out. A doctor is likely to conduct an ADHD screening on you to find out whether or not you have this. While this screening is helpful in diagnosing ADHD, it's important to realize that there are really no tests that are 100% accurate at diagnosing this condition.

Fortunately, if your doctor believes that you have this, there are ways it can be treated, and medication is the most common treatment option available. To learn more about ADHD and the effects it can have on your mind and your life, contact a doctor today that specializes in diagnosing and treating ADHD in adults, such as those at Integrative Brain and Body.