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Are You Considering Having Tummy-Tuck Surgery? Learn What Activities Can Alter the Look of Your Surgery

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If you have a flabby stomach that you cannot tighten with exercise or diet, or if you have loose skin due to losing a lot of weight, you may be considering having a tummy tuck done. A tummy tuck cuts away loose skin, removes fat stores that you can't get rid of, and tightens up the stomach muscles, leaving you with a tight and firm stomach. However, if you are considering having this type of procedure done, you need to realize that choices you make after the surgery could affect the look of your surgery. These choices can alter your body and cause the problems to come back. Here are three future choices that can affect a tummy tuck.

Diet and Exercise

If you decide to go through with a tummy-tuck procedure, it is important to note that your diet and exercise routine can affect the appearance of your tummy in the future, regardless of the surgery. If you gain weight, stomach flab and fat will emerge. The surgery will not keep this at bay or prevent this from reoccurring. Likewise, if you were to lose a significant amount of weight again, your stretched-out skin can redevelop as well. As such, if you are considering undergoing tummy-tuck surgery, it is recommended that you be at your ideal weight and have maintained that weight for some time. If you are a yo-yo dieter and your weight bounces around, you may find yourself displeased with the tummy-tuck surgery, as the results may not be maintained due to your exercise and eating habits.


Another choice you can make that can drastically alter the effects of your tummy-tuck surgery is getting pregnant. Many women have tummy-tuck surgery after having a child. They find they have loose skin and a fat pouch they can't seem to get rid of. However, if you were to get pregnant again, all of these issues would reemerge. And they would not simply disappear after having a child. Your stomach muscles that were tightened during the procedure may stretch apart and become weak again, and your skin may become loose and flabby again. Therefore, it is highly recommended that women hold off on having a tummy-tuck procedure until they are done having children. However, if you thought you were done and find yourself pregnant again, a miniature tummy tuck may be done after the pregnancy to tighten things back up again and get your stomach looking great again.

Additional Abdominal Surgeries

The last thing that can alter a tummy-tuck surgery is additional abdominal surgeries. If you need an abdominal surgery, the surgeon may need to cut into your abdominal walls. This can weaken those walls and diminish the strength that was given to you during your tummy-tuck procedure. You may also lose muscle strength in your stomach due to the recovery period following surgery. If you need abdominal surgery, or suspect you might in the future, have those procedures done before getting a tummy tuck. And if you find yourself facing surgery after an unexpected injury, consult with a tummy tuck surgeon. They may be able to be present during the end of the procedure in order to perform an additional tummy tuck while you are already on the surgical table. This can help ensure your muscles remain tight and strong, given you the tightened stomach you desire.

A tummy tuck can help you get the stomach you desire. However, not everyone is a good candidate. If you are considering having a tummy-tuck surgery, consult with a tummy-tuck surgeon to find out if you are a good candidate. If your weight is not stable, you plan on getting pregnant again in the future or you need additional abdominal surgeries, you may want to hold off on the surgery, as these issues can diminish the results of the surgery.

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