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Independent Professional Wrestlers: 4 Reasons To Choose Dental Implants Over Dentures

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As an independent wrestler, each time you step into a wrestling ring, you are putting the health of your teeth at risk. With proper care, your teeth will typically stay protected, but in some cases an accident may occur. If you've lost any teeth while wrestling, you have multiple options for a replacement. Two of the main choices are dental implants and dentures. As you continue your independent wrestling career, there are many benefits to choosing an implant over the dentures. These benefits can help you both inside and outside of the ring. As you consult with a dentist, you can use these benefits to make a decision and choose the type of dental work that fits your needs as a professional wrestler.

Improved Speech

When a dental implant is installed in your mouth, it will become a natural part of your smile. As the implant process begins, a dentist will perform scans of your mouth and other teeth. This allows them to form an implant and crown that fits naturally with your teeth and jaw. With this specific placement, you do not have to adjust to speech patterns or adjustments that may come with other dental options like dentures. Having the improved and natural speech can make a huge difference when you're conducting interviews or speaking to live crowds. You do not have to be self-conscious about how your speech has changed due to dentures.

In-Ring Action & Durability

When wrestling with a product like dentures, you may constantly worry about the teeth getting knocked out of place or even falling out of your mouth. This is not the case with dental implants. While other dental products like dentures and bridges may only last up to ten years, dental implants are a permanent replacement that has a long-term durability. As you head back into the wrestling ring, you can perform without any boundaries and feel confident about your replacement teeth and the strength of the implants.

Natural Looks & Confidence

As a professional wrestler, there may be different products or head shots you need to take for promotional materials. Instead of using dentures or having a gap in your smile, the pictures can stay consistent by having an implant installed. Dentists have the ability to match the natural color and shape of your mouth. This will make your wrestling promotional materials look natural as you pose for new pictures. Adding the implants can increase your confidence with these photo shoots and help you promote your career as a wrestling performer.

While performing, you may also start building a fan base all around the country. If this is the case, then you can feel confident when meeting fans face to face. It will be easier for you to take selfies with confidence and happily greet fans without worrying about any imperfections in your smile. While traveling on the road, fan encounters could happen on an almost daily basis. Choosing implants is the hassle-free way to truly enjoy these encounters and show off your healthy smile.

Eating on the Road

The daily diet of a traveling wrestler can be complicated. Eating on the road may consist of a lot of restaurant visits, backstage catering, or hotel meals. Instead of limiting your food options due to temporary or removable tooth solutions, dental implants can keep your eating options wide open. Once an implant is installed, you can eat and enjoy any type of food that you like. The implants are cared for like regular teeth and have no limitations on your daily diet. While eating foods, the implant can make it feel more natural. Eating tough foods like steaks or other meats can be a challenge with dentures. Implants make it easy to chew through those tough meats and allows you to stick to the road diet of your choice.

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