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2 Key Features To Look Into When Choosing An Assisted Living Facility To Move To

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If you can no longer drive and are living alone at home, you might find that it is hard to do the things you need to do and get to the places you need to go to. If you can relate, a move to an assisted living facility might be a wise move to make. Assisted living facilities offer freedom to residents, yet they also offer services that can be very useful to seniors that cannot drive or do all the things they need to do. If you are considering making a move like this, here are two important things to look into before you select a facility.

The Services They Offer

Assisted living facilities usually offer a large variety of different services, and the residents are usually free to choose which ones they would like to have based on their individual needs. Here are some of the services offered at most assisted living facilities, and you should choose a facility that offers the ones you need the most:

  • Meals – If it is hard for you to get to the grocery store or prepare meals on your own, you should look for a facility that offers meals. These meals might be delivered to your room so you can eat alone, or you might have to go to a common area in the facility where you will eat with others.
  • Therapy – For seniors that struggle with mobility issues from arthritis or anything else, finding an assisted living facility that offers on-site therapy services might be a good choice to make. On-site therapy would make it a lot easier for you to get the therapy you need, and this could help you feel better.
  • Medication – If you experience problems with taking your medications properly, you should look for a facility that offers medication services. With this service, a nurse or aid would come to your room to give you your necessary medications each and every day.
  • House cleaning and laundry services – When cleaning your own home becomes too hard to do, finding a center that offers house-cleaning services and laundry services is a good idea.

You may only need one of these services or you may need them all, and you should look for the best facility for your needs by discussing these services with each facility you visit.

Transportation Services

A second very useful thing to look into is the transportation services offered through an assisted living facility. Most facilities have some form of transportation services, but the way the services work and are offered can vary tremendously from facility to facility. If you cannot drive at all and do not want to have to burden your friends and relatives with driving you around, it may be important to find a facility that can take you everywhere you need to go. This can include taking you to the following places:

  • All of your doctor appointments
  • Shopping
  • To the pharmacy to pick up medications
  • To church, the library, or other types of meetings
  • On day trips to fun places that you enjoy, such as the movies or a museum

In addition, you should find out how the transportation services work. For example, you should ask how far in advance you will need to schedule the services, and whether or not there are days when there is no transportation available. If you can find a place that can provide all the transportation you need, you may feel more independent, because you will not be relying on people you know to take you places.

There are a lot of different features and factors to consider when choosing an assisted living facility. If you would like to learn more, contact a facility in your area today or check out the site.