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3 Reasons Bipolar Disorder Can Be Challenging To Diagnose And Treat

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Bipolar disorder is classified as an affective disorder with cycles of depression and mania, hypomania, or mixed episodes. Sometimes the cyclic nature of this affective disorder can make it harder to identify and manage. It’s Misdiagnosed As Depression Many people with bipolar disorder are first misdiagnosed with depression. This is not a matter of care providers simply misjudging bipolar patients, it happens because they rarely see the full range of mood states. Read More»

3 Differences Between Urgent Care Centers And Emergency Rooms That You Should Understand

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When someone gets injured or suddenly becomes ill, it can be tough to determine where to go for the most practical care. Is a visit to the emergency room in order, or will a trip to an urgent care center suffice? Here are a few differences between urgent care and emergency rooms you should know about when deciding where to take yourself or your loved one when the need for medical attention arises: Read More»

Live In A Rural Area? Why You Should Look Into Medical Flight Services

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Life in a rural area can be very sweet. It’s so easy to commune with nature when you are away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You feel at peace and are able to enjoy the serenity and stillness that only a rural or mountainous region can offer. However, along with the perks of rural living, there are a few concerns to think about. What would happen if someone in your household became seriously ill? Read More»

3 Questions To Ask When Consulting With Your Plastic Surgeon

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Before having plastic surgery, your surgeon will likely want to schedule a consultation meeting with you so you can get to know each other and decide exactly how to meet your needs and expectations when all is said and done. Here are a few important questions to ask your plastic surgeon during that consultation meeting:  1. How Is Scheduling Handled? It’s important to find out how appointment scheduling will be handled by your plastic surgeon so that you know what to expect as you get surgery to enhance your looks or correct a disfigurement. Read More»

What To Expect When Your Loved One Is In A Cardiac Care Unit At A Hospital

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Cardiac care units, often referred to as CCU, are specialized wards in hospitals where patients with heart issues are cared for. Common reasons that people may stay in a CCU include recovering from a heart attack or heart surgery, or dealing with other coronary conditions that require intensive treatment and monitoring. Heart conditions can be very serious or even fatal, so if you have a loved one in the CCU it is normal to feel stressed and worried. Read More»

Why Emotional Counseling Can Be A Positive Treatment Method For Chronic Pain

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When you’re dealing with any type of chronic pain, you’ll usually want to visit a pain specialist who can diagnose the issue and discuss the best chronic pain treatment options for you to pursue. It doesn’t hurt to also find a counselor with whom you can speak regularly. While it’s true that talking about your chronic pain isn’t going to cure it — you’ll still need traditional medicine for that — you may find that your counseling sessions can have a positive impact on your pain. Read More»

Two Supplements That May Soothe Diabetic Nerve Pain

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One consequence of uncontrolled blood sugar levels is the nerve damage (neuropathy) that occurs that can lead to problems such as pain, tingling, and numbness in the affected areas. While there are a number of medications that reduce the discomfort associated with diabetic neuropathy, there are two supplements that may provide relief without causing the unpleasant side effects associated with pharmaceutical drugs. Acetyl-L-Carnitine Acetyl-L-carnitine is a substance naturally produced by the body from an amino acid called L-carnitine. Read More»

3 Reasons To See A Neurologist

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Your body’s nervous system consists of your brain, spinal cord, and nerves. If you have any diseases or conditions affecting these parts of your body, you will need to make an appointment with a neurologist – a highly-trained physician who is a nervous system specialist. The nervous system plays a vital role in a person’s health, so if you experience any problems related to your nervous system, it is extremely important to schedule an appointment with a neurologist as soon as possible. Read More»