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5 Common Partial Denture Fit Issues Your Dentist Can Solve

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Partial dentures help fill in the gaps created by a few missing teeth without requiring you to remove the healthy ones. While modern partials are made from flexible materials for the best possible fit, changes to your body or the material of the partial can lead to fit issues as time passes. Don’t settle for living with these five common fit problems affecting partial dentures when they’re all easily fixed by your dentist. Read More»

3 Tips For Treating Dental Abscesses

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Dental abscesses are most often associated with a decaying tooth, but they may also occur due to underlying periodontal disease. The most obvious problem is that they are significantly painful, but if left untreated they can lead to life-threatening infections, especially due to their close proximity to the brain and major blood vessels. There are several ways to address dental abscesses and reduce the likelihood of serious problems. Engage In Self Care Read More»